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The status reports on bills of interest are updated through the 29th Legislative Day.


After reviewing a Status Report, if you wish to read an entire bill, go to the General Assembly Website Legislation Search, http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/en-US/Search.aspx, and enter the bill or resolution number.  When the search information is returned, click on the bill number that you wish to review. 


2020 Legislative Session postponed - GSRA sponsored bill advances:




GSRA has had a goal for several years of making GSEPS retirees eligible to receive COLAs should the ERS board deem conditions favorable for awarding the COLAs. This year, Representatives Steven Sainz and Debbie Buckner have introduced HB 821 to do just that as well as to provide the same eligibility for members of the Legislative Retirement System and the Judicial Retirement System. Representative Gerald Greene also signed onto the bill. They all worked hard to get the bill favorably reported by the House Retirement Committee and on to the House Rules Committee calendar for crossover day. But during the day, Rep. Sainz was approached by Rep. Chuck Martin who said he opposed the bill. Reps. Sainz and Buckner passed this information on to your GSRA legislative team who provided them with requested information to further support HB 821. As you can see from the video, (House Chamber: Day 28 - 03.12.20 (PM 2) - from House Chamber)
HERE (beginning at 38:02 and ending at 53:22) Rep. Martin made a rational argument opposing the bill. Fortunately, Rep. Buckner was ready and forcefully made a very cogent rebuttal that carried the day! Reps Mary Frances Williams and Darlene Taylor also spoke in favor of the bill. Our bill passed 92-66 and then withstood a motion to reconsider by almost the same margin. It received bipartisan support. Among those voting were Chairmen Tommy Benton and Terry England, and Minority Leader Bob Trammel.

GSRA owes a great deal to Reps. Sainz, Buckner, and Greene for carrying the bill, and to those voting in favor of the bill including Reps. Benton, England, Trammel, Williams, and Taylor. The record of votes is here: http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/en-US/vote.aspx…. If you are a constituent of any of those representatives who voted yes, please take the time to thank him or her for their vote.

Again, when viewing the video (House Chamber: Day 28 - 03.12.20 (PM 2) - from House Chamber), skip to 38:02 and view until 53:22.


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