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The following links will take you to information you can use to educate yourself and others about issues currently impacting our members and retirees in general. You will find a variety of information for each topic including charts, graphs, talking points and mailing addresses of people you may want to write.

Click here to read State audit reports on ERS, TRS and ORP

Click here to read State audit reports on ORP and TRS

Click HERE to read OP-ED to Atlanta Journal Constitution by GSRA President Jim Sommerville


2/25/22: Just released: Senate Study Committee Recommends "The General Assembly should consider implementing an annual inflation adjustment not to exceed three percent (3%) for current retirees."  SR 129 by Sen. Nan Orrock created a study committee to meet in 2021 


2/15/22: GSRA Sends Message to Legislators Supporting Additional Funding for COLAs


2/11/22: SB343 Passed by Senate overwhelmingly - Senators Orrock, Hickman and Davenport speak in favor of 3% COLAs



2/3/22: Senate Retirement Committee Approves GSRA-Advocated Bill

6/5/21 From AJC: Senate panel moves forward on bill that could give state retirees first raise since 2008.

 2021- Sen. Nan Orrock introduces SB 167 which would mandate annual COLAs for New/Old Plan and GSEPs retirees.


5/1/21: GSRA Meets with Governor Kemp

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HB173 ready for Governor's signature! Details HERE  GSRA Legislative representatives Chuck Freedman and Chuck Clay attend the House Retirement Committee meeting (3/2/21) on HB173 Alternative Investments/ERS Retiree Representation proposal - view comments and watch video HERE


2019-2020 GSRA Goals and Objectives

Click here to see PowerPoint from the 2019 GSRA Annual Meeting at Scenic Unicoi State Park & Lodge

Click HERE to view GA Senate proclamation honoring GSRA and GSRA Day at the Capitol.
Click HERE to view video of GA Senate proclamation honoring GSRA and GSRA Day at the Capitol.
(GSRA segment begins at 43:30)

Click HERE to view GSRA Day at the Capitol and Legislative Reception POWERPOINT.

From Atlanta Journal/Constitution, 02/22/19: