Contacting Your Legislators 


Identifying your Legislators

If you do not know who your Legislators are, the following sites may be helpful.


         Help from Secretary of State's Office (aimed at registered voters)

         Help from (based on your ZIP code and street address)



The Basics

Other than a person-to-person meeting, there are three ways to contact your legislators ---- letter, telephone or e-mail.  To express your opinion to your legislator, you may use one or all of these methods.  The suggestions below may make your contact with your legislator's office more effective.  Click on the method you plan to use for suggestions on how to be most effective using that medium.



  Write a
  Make a
Telephone Call
  Send an



No No's

Under no circumstances should you ever use foul language or profanity in a letter, e-mail or phone call. This a definite turn-off and will result in your contact being ignored. Always be calm and polite. Never threaten anyone you are talking with or corresponding with.  



Finishing Touches

Do not forget to follow up. If you agree with your legislator's vote, take the time to let him/her know that. Similarly, if you disagree with his or her vote, inform your legislator also.

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