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Advocating for Active and Retired
State Employees and Educators
The Georgia State Retirees Association (GSRA) is an organization focused on keeping retirees and prospective retirees from all parts of Georgia Government informed about any impacts to promised retiree and health insurance benefits.
The January Newsletter contains a Legislative Session update,  information about a questionnaire that GSRA sent to legislators, and more.
Click HERE to view letter and HERE to view questionnaire sent to Legislators by GSRA President Jim Sommerville 


To contact your legislators:
Georgia House Members contact info HERE
Georgia Senate Members contact info HERE

Great beginning in achieving one of GSRA's legislative goals! HB 821 is passed out of committee on 2/4/20.


HB 821 by our champion Rep. Debbie Buckner, with Rep. Gerald Greene as sponsor, would remove the restrictions against the granting of COLAs for GSEPS members, as well as for members of the legislative and judicial retirement systems. Click HERE to view the video.


In the video below of today's proceedings, Rep. Buckner introduces HB 821 9:25 into the video. In responding to Rep. Chuck Martin's question, ERS Director Jim Potvin clearly explains the restrictions on ERS board awarding COLAs based on its guidelines beginning at 14:50. And GSRA president Jim Sommerville speaks to the bill from 17:20 to 23:20. Rep. Greene seconded a do-pass motion from Rep. Patty Bentley, and the bill passed unanimously.


Click HERE to view 1/14 House Retirement Committee Meeting on TRS Funding Changes

Within video, start at Chuck Martin presentation (1:19:40), then to GSRA Legislative Liason Chuck Freedman presentation at 1:33:45


Click on the News/Press Releases tab to read summary prepared by GSRA Legislative Liason Chuck Freedman.



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