July 27, 2007

                                         Fraudulent Spam


Justice Department Alerts about Fraudulent Spam E-Mail
Urges Public not to respond to the e-mail

Washington- The Department of Justice has recently become aware of fraudulent Spam e-mail messages claiming to be from the DOJ. It is believed the messages addressed to “ Dear Citizen”. The messages assert that the recipients have been the subject of complaints filed with the DOJ and the complaint has been forwarded to the Internal Revenue Service. In addition, such email messages provide a case number, and state that the complaint was filed by Mr. Henry Stewart. A DOJ logo may appear on the top of the email message or in an attached file. Finally, the message may include an attachment that supposedly contains a copy of the complaint.

The Department of Justice did not send these unsolicited email messages and would not send such messages to the public via email. Similar hoaxes have recently perpetrated in the names of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service. Citizens should be especially wary of unsolicited warning messages that purport to come from a U.S governmental agency directing them to click on the attachment or to provide sensitive personal information. The Spam email messages are bogus and should be immediately deleted. Computers may be put at risk by opening the attachment. Delete the email and then empty the deleted items folder.

If you receive this type hoax email, please file a complaint at www.ic3.gov. Within the complaint please list DOJ Spoof Email in the Business Name field of the complaint, your name, your mailing address, your telephone number; the name, address, telephone number, and web address, if available, of the individual or organization you believe sent the spook email. If you were defrauded provide details of how, why, and when you were defrauded. Provide any other relevant information you believe is necessary to support the claim.
Citizens can learn more about protecting themselves from malicious spy ware and bogus emails at OnGuardOnline.gov, a web site created by the Department of Justice in partnership with other federal agencies.