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New Economic Stimulus Program



Your 2007 federal income tax return will automatically be evaluated to determine your eligibility to receive a stimulus payment.  Single taxpayers with incomes not over $75,000 will receive $600; couples filing jointly, with incomes not over $150,000, will receive $1,200.


You must file a 2007 federal tax return to obtain a stimulus payment, even if you do not owe any federal income tax.  A special provision in the stimulus legislation authorizes payments of $300 (single) and $600 (couples filing jointly) for low-income citizens with incomes over $3,000 who normally do not file federal tax returns.  These individuals will need to file the simple 1040A Form in order to receive the payment, and should write the words “Stimulus Payment” at the top of the 1040A Form. The stimulus payment will not count as income in determining a person’s eligibility for any other federal benefits. 


The IRS wants to remind all taxpayers that a direct deposit is the fastest way to receive both a regular tax refund and the stimulus payment.  


Also, please be on high alert for scams where taxpayers are contacted by telephone or e-mail by someone offering to send an “advance” on their stimulus payments.  THIS IS A SCAM.  The scam artist will try to obtain your social security number, bank account number or credit card number to “transfer” the payment, and will then proceed to steal money from your account.  The IRS never asks for this type of information, either by phone or e-mail.  If you receive such an offer, do not be fooled.


To see if you qualify for a stimulus payment, you may visit the IRS website at to review the criteria.




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