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The Georgia State Retirees Association (GSRA) is an organization focused on keeping retirees and prospective retirees from all parts of Georgia Government informed about any impacts to promised retiree and health insurance benefits.                       


2017 GSRA Annual Meeting - October 16-17

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The GSRA Annual Meeting, scheduled for Columbus on October 16 and 17, is rapidly approaching. Now is the time to make plans to attend.  In order to take advantage of the great rates that GSRA has negotiated with six different hotels, you must make your reservations by September 15.  After that, the rates increase significantly.  We have also learned that the National Infantry Museum in Columbus is having a dedication for a new Memorial for the War on Terrorism on October 16, and is expecting a huge crowd.  You may be shut out of a room completely if you don’t act quickly.


It’s going to be another exciting Annual Meeting.  GSRA has had some success with our goals at the State Legislature in the last two years, and we need to continue the momentum and have even more success next year.  Act now to support GSRA and, more importantly, to support yourself and your benefits.  Your participation in the Annual Meeting will help us have another productive year as we continue to advocate for our pension benefits, a future COLA, and our health care benefits.  See you in Columbus!


                           September Newsletter is published!


The September Newsletter contains comprehensive information about Retiree Open Enrollment for 2017 and timely information about the most recent state employee retirement plan, GSEPS.





Chaired by Rep. Richard Smith, the House Balance Billing Study Committee had its first meeting on June 29.  GSRA has reported the problematic issue of balance/surprise billings in several newsletter articles, Facebook postings, and action alerts.  All four other members of the study committee attended the meeting as did over 50 interested parties.  The committee members displayed great comprehension of the problems to be addressed and the issues confronting them.


Chuck Freedman, chair of GSRA's legislative committee, represented GSRA's companion organizations of GPHSA, GREA, PAGE, TRAGIC, GAE, GAE Retirees, and GDOTEA before the committee. You can see and listen to his remarks, the remarks of Beth Stephens of GA Watch with whom GSRA has coordinated closely, as well as those of the chairman and the legislative liaison of the Department of Insurance, here: Chairman Rep. Richard Smith opening remarks, Beth Stephens of Georgia Watch remarks, Chairman and legislative liaison of the Department of Insurance Lindsey Scott remarks, and GSRA Legislative Liason Chuck Freedman remarks. Prior to attending the meeting, Mr. Freedman compiled ten pages of responses from GSRA and TRAGIC members who had experienced the hardships and frustrations of balance/surprise billing. You may note that Chairman Smith obviously read and was touched by those experiences as evidenced by a comment he made after Freedman's testimony. 


The study committee has an uphill challenge to identify a method and craft a bill that will address consumer concerns (eliminate balance billing with no or limited impact on premiums) such that a consensus of insurers and providers can be reached.  It and the chairman will need our and other consumers' support between now and the end of the 2018 session.


GSRA praised during House Insurance Committee hearing on Surprise Billing!


Click on the link below to watch the video: GSRA praised and thanked by Senator Renee Untermann for our support of her "Surprise Billing" bill during the House Insurance Committee Hearing.  The GSRA Legislative Team and our other coalition organizations have continuously supported Senator Unterman and Representative Richard Smith on this issue.  Senate Bill 8 sub passed out of the House Insurance Committee yesterday and now hopefully heads onto the floor and back to the Senate for ultimate passage.  




To watch the video of the entire hearing, click here: WATCH FULL HEARING VIDEO


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