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The Georgia State Retirees Association (GSRA) is an organization focused on keeping retirees and prospective retirees from all parts of Georgia Government well informed about any impacts to promised retiree and health insurance benefits.        

                             State Health Benefit Plan News  

The Department of Community Health announced on July 1st that vendor selection for the 2015 State Health Benefit Plan options had been completed.
While Blue Cross Blue Shield will continue with the “bronze, silver, and gold” and Medicare Advantage options, additional vendors will be added to the SHBP options.  United Healthcare was selected to provide a statewide HMO, High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), and Medicare Advantage and Kaiser was selected to provide a “fully insured” in-network benefit for the Atlanta Metropolitan area.


The announcement stated that Express Scripts is the 2015 contractor for prescription drugs and Healthways is the vendor for the wellness benefits.  Presumably, these two vendors will provide prescription drug and wellness benefits for all options provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare but not Kaiser.


Premium rates and specific benefit levels will be refined and presented for approval to the Board of Community Health at an August meeting.  No public comment period will be included in the process.


The announcement can be found on the DCH website.  You can view the announcement by clicking here.

















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