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Advocating for Active and Retired
State Employees and Educators

The Georgia State Retirees Association (GSRA) is an organization focused on keeping retirees and prospective retirees from all parts of Georgia Government informed about any impacts to promised retiree and health insurance benefits.                       


June Newsletter is published!

The June Newsletter includes an article about the ERS and TRS Actuarial Reports, an article about GSRA leading a coalition in support of medical consumer legislation, and more.



 Report from the ERS Annual Meeting on 4/20/2017


GSRA President Kip Mann provided the following report from the ERS Annual Meeting:


"The ERS fund is currently at 75% of funded liability, and we are in the 18th year of paying down our 25 year unfunded liability.


The Board approved another one-time adjustment of 3% of the first $30K of retirement benefits up to a maximum of $900.00 just as last year, with the same limitations and restrictions.


We had a very good showing of GSRA members (we lined both sides of the board room) with a wide range of experience in different departments of state government. We were well received but were told up front that we were going to receive what was in the Governor's budget.


They thanked us for the letter that was sent to Jim Potvin and the Board (read GSRA President Kip Mann's letter here). Chair Lonice Barrett said he has shared it with both the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget and the Governor. He greatly appreciated our comments about their stewardship and said that he looks forward to seeing what can be done in the future when the time is right, after the legislative time limits for signing bills into law has passed and the next budget cycle begins."


Thanks to all the GSRA members who emailed the ERS Board and/or showed up for the meeting!                    



GSRA praised during House Insurance Committee hearing on Surprise Billing!


Click on the link below to watch the video: GSRA praised and thanked by Senator Renee Untermann for our support of her "Surprise Billing" bill during the House Insurance Committee Hearing.  The GSRA Legislative Team and our other coalition organizations have continuously supported Senator Unterman and Representative Richard Smith on this issue.  Senate Bill 8 sub passed out of the House Insurance Committee yesterday and now hopefully heads onto the floor and back to the Senate for ultimate passage.




To watch the video of the entire hearing, click here: WATCH FULL HEARING VIDEO



Price of Senior Pass to National Parks to increase from $20 to $80  Click here to read about the increase   


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