Legislative Goals



GSRA’s 2014 goals are to gain legislators’ support for legislation that will maintain the integrity of retirees’ pension and health benefits, to support funding to pay for the benefits, and to oppose legislation that might compromise these benefits and the related funding sources.


We hope to establish long-term improvements and safe-guards for pension and health insurance programs. To the extent possible we will coordinate our efforts with representatives of other organizations that have the same goals.



GSRA’s priorities are to:


  1. Support 75% funding for SHBP premiums for options that cover at least 80% of members’ medical care.  None of the plans available for SHBP members in 2014 provide this level of funding and coverage for members.
  2. Support employer contributions to state sponsored retirement systems that will prevent further erosion of the respective retirement fund.
  3. Support funding for equitable cost of living adjustments to active workers and retired members of state sponsored retirement systems to counter loss of buying power from inflation.
  4. Improve representation on, and operating practices of, the Board of Community Health and the Employees Retirement System. Achieve these improvements by:
    • Supporting creation of a Health Benefits Advisory Committee for the Board of Community Health. Require all policy decisions by the board and by department staff to be presented to the Advisory Committee for comment before action.
    • Supporting additional retiree representation on the Employees Retirement System Board.
    • Requiring the deliberations of both boards to be transparent, to include receiving input from members of the Retirement System and the State Health Benefit Plan.
  5. Monitor legislative proposals involving expansion of alternative investment authority of state retirement   systems.  Oppose legislation which expands investment authority without appropriate safeguards or permits investment for any purpose other than maximizing income of the retirement funds.
  6. Oppose taxation changes that increase retirees’ tax burden.
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